Caddie Benefits

The Tour Caddies Association generates revenue that we distribute to our caddie members each quarter to assist you with paying for your expenses.  One hundred percent of all revenue we generate from all business activities is paid out equally to our members each quarter. Because we pay out all revenue, we have a $19 annual member due to support the hard cost of running the business.

The primary source of revenue for the TCA is commissions from online travel, retail and entertainment purchases. We function just like a travel agency, having developed relationships with 100+ travel booking websites who pay us commissions on every dollar you spend with them. We earn the same or more as a brick and mortar travel agency for providing these services to you, and our partners provide the same level of service such as 24/7/365 support with caddie flight changes. We strongly encourage you to make all your travel bookings through our website, app or the travel commission guide, because to do business with anyone else is giving away money that should be going into your own pocket. We have a total of 200+ partners including travel, retail and entertainment with whom you can spend money and generate revenue for your quarterly benefits check.  We feature companies such as ebay, Groupon, WalMart, Best Buy and more. Just about anywhere you spend money online, you can spend it through the TCA and generate cash to fund your caddie benefits package.

We encourage you to be active and participate in helping us grow the TCA. More members around the world means more revenue, and that means bigger checks being mailed each April 15, July 15, October 15 and January 15. We are open to caddies on all 15 major professional tours of the world. What we began in July, 2013 is established and here to stay. We will only grow from here because travel is a primary ingredient of professional golf. 

Travel Booking Guide

 #1 Rule For Booking Travel – Please select the U.S. version of the website is you are a U.S. based caddie. If non U.S. based, please select the international version of the website. Please avoid changing the currency of the website whenever possible, as it can cause us to not get paid.

Maximize Your Benefits Checks!  Download The  Travel Commission Guide.