Join The Tour Caddies Association

Joining the TCA is the best move a tour caddie can make. We have only three requirements for you to join and start receiving benefits checks each April 15, July 15, October 15 and January 15. Please read below to see if you qualify, and then follow the steps to sign up and complete your registration payment.

First, you need to be full-time dedicated to the profession. If caddying on one of the 15 major professional golf tours of the world is not your primary source of income, it is best if you do not join. We will not be able to provide you benefits.

Second, please delete all travel booking apps from your phone and then download our own Travel App. Simply tap our app to get right back into your favorite travel booking websites, with the same usernames and passwords, except now you will be earning money for your quarterly benefit checks.  We currently have 100+ worldwide travel booking partners for you to choose from and they provide all the same services you receive from any travel agency, including 24/7/365 customer assistance with flight changes. 

Third, you need to pay your $19 annual maintenance fee. Because we distribute 100% of our revenue to our members each quarter, your maintenance fee is needed to support the hard costs of running the business. 

DeanDean Herden – Tour Caddie & TCA Co-Founder

Step 1. Complete Tour Caddie Registration

Step 2. Submit $19 Registration Payment

Step 3. Book All Travel From This Website or Download Our App.

We will reach out to you the same day we receive your registration form and payment to welcome you to the Tour Caddies Association and answer any questions you have.

Warm regards,
Kelly Laybourn
Managing Partner