The Tour Caddies Association was formed in July, 2013 by three Tour Caddies; Dean Herden, Gary Matthews and Basil van Rooyen, along with their Financial Adviser Michael J. Marini. We created the association for the purpose of generating income to fund a retirement and healthcare benefits package for caddies working on the 15 major professional golf tours of the world. As a secondary goal we seek to provide improved amenities for our members at tour stops.

The TCA generates revenue from online travel bookings and retail purchases in our Travel Center by our member caddies and our friends who wish to support them.  We have relationships with 200+ of the world’s top travel booking and retail shopping websites who pay us to drive traffic to their businesses. The TCA distributes 100% of all business revenue to our members at the end of each quarter. Benefits checks are mailed each April 15, July 15, October 15 and January 15. Please read our member benefits guide to learn how to maximize your quarterly benefit checks. We also provide retirement plans, life insurance, healthcare insurance and disability insurance to our interested members through Michael J. Marini, who runs the day-to-day business operations of the TCA.

Golf Media, Fans, Industry Members, Tour Players…Please make all your online travel bookings and retail purchases through our Travel Center. Your purchases provide financial support to the members of the Tour Caddies Association, at absolutely no cost to yourself.


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