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Michael J. Marini HeadshotThe Tour Caddies Association is the professional golf industries only one-stop shop offering a full suite of vital services to men’s and women’s touring caddies and touring golf professionals. Formed in July, 2013 by three veteran Tour Caddies; Dean Herden, Gary Matthews and Basil van Rooyen along with their Financial Adviser Michael J. Marini, the TCA is pleased to provide the full suite of services utilized by tour caddies and tour players, including Caddie Benefits Plan, Caddie/Player Job Connection Service, Caddie & Player Financial Advisory Services, Tax Services, Player Management Services and Player Agent Representation. We capitalize on our hundreds of combined years’ experience and worldwide connections in the professional golf industry to cater to the tour players and tour caddies of not just today, but of the future. To the junior golfers and their parents and the aspiring tour caddies of tomorrow, the breadth of one-stop services offered by the TCA to make your transition to the pro game a successful one are simply amazing – and simply not offered anywhere else in golf.

Tour Caddies

Join the Tour Caddies Association today and begin receiving quarterly benefit checks to assist with paying for your retirement and healthcare benefits. Membership is open to full-time caddies working and traveling on the 15 major professional golf tours of the world. The TCA distributes 100% of all business revenue to our caddie members at the end of each quarter. Benefits checks are mailed each April 15, July 15, October 15 and January 15. The TCA can also provide expert support in matters regarding immigration and visa status. Please read our Caddie Benefits Guide to learn how to maximize your quarterly benefit checks and take advantage of the full suite of services available to you.

Tour Players and Aspiring Tour Players

The Tour Caddies Association can provide you everything you need to manage your career, finances, taxes, retirement planning, travel and endorsements. Please contact Michael J. Marini, Chief Executive Officer, for more information. Every player has unique needs and preferences for how they approach the business of golf, and we can tailor your services just the way you like.

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Please run your online travel bookings and retail purchases through the TCA Travel Center. Your purchases will generate commissions that we use to fund our caddie benefits plan, at absolutely no cost to you. All it takes is your “click.” Our caddies thank you!